Chicken (leg pieces): Half kg

Turmeric and coriander powder: Half Tsp each

Chilli and cumin seed powder: One Tsp each

Raw rice: 50 gm

Refined oil: 250 ml

Ginger and garlic: 10 gm each

Lemon and curry leaves: For garnishing


Wash the chicken leg pieces and cut them zig zag.

Make a mixture of all the above mentioned ingredients and marinate the chicken with it along with ginger-garlic paste for about 30 minutes.

Crush the raw rice into fine granules. Heat the oil.

Dip the chicken in the crushed raw rice and fry till it turns golden brown.

Garnish with curry leaves and lemon wedges.

The dish goes well with chilli chutney.

Chef P. Ravi is the Sous Chef of Hotel Royal Court, Madurai, where he has spent five years of his decade's experience. He specialises in south Indian cuisine.

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