Grated carrot: 60 gm

Grated potato: 85 gm

Raisins: 60 gm

Dates: 60 gm

Butter: 45 gm

Sugar: 85 gm

Nuts: 40 gm

Cooking soda: Quarter tea spoon

Cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg powder: Quarter Tsp each

Salt: To taste

Refined flour: 50 gm


Clean and grate the vegetables. Chop all raisins, dates and nuts. Mix all ingredients before putting them into a greased bun tin. Steam the ingredients for about two hours. Serve with vanilla sauce.

Chef T. Sundara Pandian is working at Hotel Star Residency, Madurai. He has culinary experience of six years and specializes in Continental and pantry.

Keywords: Summer pudding