(For pudding mix )

Refined flour and bread crumbs: 25 gm each

Sugar: Five gm

Butter: 100 gm

Orange juice: Five ml

Egg: One

Spice: A pinch

Lemon juice: Five ml

Mix jam:20 gm

Caramel: Two ml

Fruit mix (almonds, walnuts, cherries, fruit peel, cashew nuts): 300 gm

Curd: 20 gm

(For royal icing):

Egg white: One

Icing sugar: 125 gm

Lemon juice: Five ml


Take clean mixing bowl and beat the sugar, butter and egg together.

Add the curd, juices, jam to it and mix it. Add the flour, spice, and bread crumbs and finally add the fruit mix and caramel.

Pour it on butter glazed baking bowl and double boil it for almost two hours. Make royal icing with egg white, icing sugar and lemon juice.

Once the pudding is done pour the icing on top it.

This pudding can be tried with brandy sauce.

Chef A.Chandran works as Commis III at Hotel Heritage, Madurai. He joined here a year ago after completing courses in Catering Technology, Hotel Management and Food Production. To obtain industrial training, he had brief stints in Hotel Poonja International, Mangalore and Hot Breads, Madurai. When free, he loves to listen to music, read books and chat with friends.

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