For cream Brulee:

Egg yolk: Six

White and brown sugar: 50 gm each

Fresh cream and milk: 300 ml each


Lightly warm the milk and fresh cream. Then whisk the egg yolk and the two types of sugar. Strain and pour in a deep tray and bake in water for 30 mins at 160° C. Once

baked, cool it and cut in the size of tarts. If necessary freeze first and then cut and later bring it to the room temperature.

Ingredients for tart base:

Butter: 150 gm

Icing sugar: 75 gm

Egg: One

Maida: 220 gm


Mix the cream, butter & icing sugar. Next add eggs and then the flour. Only mix but don't knead. The tarts should be baked at 180 degree C for about 20 minutes or until it turns golden brown in colour. De-mould the tart and cool in room temperature.

Cream brulee tarts taste best when served with peppercorn ice cream and cherry compote.

For preparing peppercorn ice cream, mix the crushed peppercorns with six to eight medium scoops of vanilla ice cream and freeze it immediately. Allow it to set well.

For preparing cherry compote, remove the seeds from the cherries and blend the fruit. Now add the removed seeds to the blended cherry. Cook until the mixture is warm and of a thick consistency. If it is not, add a teaspoon of corn flour and cook well for some more time. Sugar garnishing is also required for the dish for which sugar can be caramelised and decorated accordingly with a teaspoon.

Chef V. Kumanan is working as Sr. CDP with Hotel GRT Regency, Madurai. He has 15 years of experience in bakery. His hobbies are watching movies and reading.

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