(Serves two)

Chicken (minced): 250 gms

Gingili: 50 gms

Egg white: One

Potato: One

Cumin seeds: OneTspn

Turmeric powder: Quarter Tspn

Chilli and coriander powder: Half Tspn

Coriander leaves: One pinch

Salt: To taste


Wash the minced chicken. Soak chicken in turmeric powder and salt and bring to boil. Drain off the water. Make a paste of cumin seeds, chilli powder, coriander leaves, mashed potatoes and egg white. Mix chicken with the paste and make small balls.

Roll the balls in gingili and deep fry. Serve hot with chilli tomato sauce or spicy chutney.

Executive Chef S. Mohan Britto Xaviar Raj is with Hotel Gajapria for the past 15 years. A specialist in Tandoori, Chinese and Continental fare, he has more than two decades of culinary experience.

Keywords: Chicken balls