Women of Coimbatore enjoyed the luxury of personal consultation with Estée Lauder’s beauty experts

“It is nice to try a new product in your own city. Usually, we end up buying stuff in airports, and often it is without really knowing if it will suit us,” said 50 year old Vanaja. She said she had a problem with pigmentation, and the Estée Lauder specialists told her how to tackle that and advised her about skin care. “Besides the fact that I pampered myself with that makeover, I also learnt what I should and should not use for my kind of a skin. That was a take away for me,” she said.

The FICCI Ladies Organisation invited Estée Lauder to the city in time for Women’s Day to hold a day-long makeover and skin and cosmetic consultation session at Vivanta By Taj Surya. More than a hundred women walked in all day for a quick lesson in the art of applying make-up and learning about skin care. Some of them even dashed in during their lunch breaks to try out the products and shop.

“They had so many products, in so many combinations, that it was confusing to start with. But once the make-up artiste explained to me what each one was for and what would be the best for my kind of skin, it became clear,” said 35-year-old Raji. For Aparna, it was a day of fun and indulgence. “I felt good, pampered and happy,” she said. “Plus there was coffee and refreshments. And all, free of charge! I picked up a lot of tips on skin care and tried on eye make-up,” she added.

Most women focussed on skin care, observed Manjusha Maheswari, brand consultant, Estée Lauder, who was delighted with the response the event had generated. A former IT professional, she switched from infotech to grooming. “Spending five minutes on caring yourself will make you look good and that will reflect positively on your work,” she assured the women present. “If you look good, you will feel good and there is nothing to compare with that feeling,” she said.

The women who had come that day had many questions on skin care. And Manjusha hoped they had found the answers they were looking for. She was thrilled that a lot of the women were already using the brand.

It was chartered accountant Suguna Ravichandran’s idea to get in touch with Estée Lauder and get them to Coimbatore in time for Women’s Day. “I spoke to them and they said they were planning to open an outlet here by 2015. I sold them the idea of a promotional event that would build up a customer base for them,” she said.

There was a brisk sale of the products during the event. Those women were also assured of free shipping if they ordered online from their website. And, goody bags with a mascara and a vial of perfume were given away to each of them.

“It made us feel pampered and special,” said Lakshmi of FICCI Ladies Organisation, who also indulged in some make-up and some expensive cream. “I found my skin glowing after they used a particular cream, so I decided to go for it,” she smiles. According to Lakshmi, almost every one who came bought something. But no one was forced to do so. Women were at liberty to just come, enjoy the session and go home. It was the feel-good factor that was so worth it,” she declared.