Thiruvananthapuram Fiction

Carnival: Rawi Hage, Rs. 550

By turns outrageous, hilarious, sorrowful, and stirring, the book is a tour de force that will make all of life’s passengers squirm in their comfortable, complacent backseats.

The Collected Stories Of Lydia Davis: Lydia Davis, Rs. 699

Complete collection of short fiction from the Man Booker International Prize 2013 winner.

The Classic Horror Stories: H.P. Lovecraft, Rs. 795

This new selection brings together nine of his classic tales and also includes vital extracts from his critical essay, ‘Supernatural Horror in Literature’, in which he gave his own important definition of “weird fiction”.

The Flame Alphabet: Ben Marcus, Rs. 450

A dark novel in which the speech of children is killing their parents. The book asks the question: what is left of civilization when we lose the ability to communicate with those we love?

Poseidon's Arrow: Clive Cussler, Rs. 350

A key element of the prototype of Poseidon's Arrow, an attack submarine, has vanished and the man who developed it is dead. Now Dirk Pitt and his NUMA team must go on a desperate international chase to retrieve it. But as they close in they discover that they are facing a much greater threat than they ever imagined. If they fail in their mission, the world might end up a very different place.


Intuition Pumps And Other Tools For Thinking: Daniel C.Dennett, Rs. 799

Collection of the author’s favourite thinking tools, or 'intuition pumps', that he and others have developed for addressing life's most fundamental questions.

Time Reborn: From The Crisis Of Physics To The Future Of The Universe: Lee Smolin, Rs. 799

From Newton and Einstein to today’s string theorists and quantum physicists, the widest consensus is that the universe is governed by absolute, timeless laws. The author argues that this denial of time is holding back both physics, and our understanding of the universe. The book explains how the true nature of time impacts on us, our world, and our universe.

Masters Of The Word: How Media Shaped History: William Bernstein, Rs. 799

The author chronicles the development of the technology of human communication or media, starting with the birth of writing thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia. A remarkable history of media – from the alphabet to the Internet – that examines how it has shaped human society over millennia.

Money: The Unauthorised Biography: Felix Martin, Rs.599

The book unfolds a panoramic secret history and explains the truth about money: what it is, where it comes from, and how it works. Drawing on stories from throughout human history and around the globe, the book will radically rearrange your understanding of the world and shows how money can once again become the most powerful force for freedom we have ever known.

Bird Sense: What It’s Like To Be A Bird: Tim Birkhead, Rs 350

A hugely engaging book about birds, their senses and behaviour that is informed by an attractive blend of personal experience, entertaining stories and cutting-edge science.

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