Thiruvananthapuram Fiction

Vanity Bagh: Anees Salim: Rs. 499

The story of how Imran Jabbari, the don of Vanity Bagh, traces the history of animosity between Vanity Bagh, nicknamed Little Pakistan, and Mehendi, a Hindu neighbourhood.

Empire Of The Moghul: The Serpent’s Tooth: Alex Rutherford, Rs. 599

The latest in the Empire of The Moghul Series. It tells the Mughul story from the ascendance of Shah Jahan to the rivalry between his sons, which will ultimately lead to the destruction of the empire.

Like It Happened Yesterday: Ravinder Singh, Rs. 140

Based on his childhood days which will bring back memories of your early days.

Prophet Of Love: Farrukh Dhondy, Rs. 299

Novel about sexual duplicity and intrigue with a charismatic godman at its centre. This is a novel that dares to explore the corridors of spiritual power.

Children Of The Days: A Calendar Of Human History: Edurdo Galeano, Rs. 799

The book is shaped like a calendar.

Each day brings with it a story: a journey, feast or tragedy that really happened on that date, from all possible years and all corners of the world.


The Science Delusion: Rupert Sheldrake, Rs. 495

The scientific counter argument to Richard Dawkin's The God Delusion.

A engrossing book that throws open the shutters to reveal our world to be so much more intriguing and profound than could ever have been supposed.

Faster: 100 Ways to Improve Your Digital Life: Ankit Fadia, Rs. 199

A guide for users of mobile phones, computers, laptops and tablets, who are not using these devices to the maximum.

Squaring The Circle: Seven Steps To Indian Renaissance: APJ Abdul Kalam, Rs. 295

Dr. Kalam calls for an Indian renaissance, which he describes in seven steps involving the common people of the land, and in particular, the youth.

The Silence Of Animals: On Progress And Other Modern Myths: John Gray, Rs. 799

The Silence of Animals Filled with unforgettable images and a delight in the conundrum of our existence – an existence which we decorate with countless myths and ideas, where we twist and turn to avoid acknowledging that we too are animals, separated from the others perhaps only by our self-conceit.

The Loves Of The Artist: Art And Passion In The Renaissance: Jonathan Jones, Rs. 799

Sweeping history of the Renaissance artists.

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