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The God Argument by A. C. Grayling.
The God Argument by A. C. Grayling.

The God Argument

A. C. Grayling

Rs. 399.00

This is perhaps the first book that thoroughly and calmly examines all the arguments offered in support of religious belief, and does so in full awareness of the reasons people have for subscribing to religion, and the needs they seek to satisfy by doing so.

Common Birds of the Indian Subcontinent

Ananda Banerjee

Rs. 295.00

This is the perfect guide to bird watching for novices and experts alike. It details the features of over 200 of the most easily found out bid species in the Indian subcontinent.

Children, Women, Men

Sundara Ramaswamy

Rs. 499.00

This novel focuses on the family of Srinivasa Aiyar or SRS. Set in the late 1930s and reflecting the political and social turmoil of the pre-war years, this work chronicles the psychological conflict between SRS and his son; the moral struggle of a young widow and more…

Hul Cry Rebel

Sanjay Bahadur

Rs. 395.00

When the ancient ways of a peaceful but brave tribe is threatened by the arrogance of an empire, the only thing left to do is rise in rebellion. The year is 1855. The tribe: Santals. This is a narrative of the first mass rebellion against the John Company which brings to life a footnote in history that casts a grim shadow on our present.

Tripwire for a Tiger

Rs. 495.00

F. W. Champion was known for his pioneering wildlife photography in India in the 1920s and 1930s. Using primitive tripwires and flash, he obtained some of the first really remarkable photographs of tigers at night. He also wrote about the creatures in the Indian jungles. This edition makes accessible some of his best writings and photographs.

Kipling a Life

Jad Adams, Rs. 195.00

This biography aims at an understanding of Rudyard Kipling, the man behind the works and seeks to explain his enduring popularity. The work also analyses this enigmatic author not only as an imperialist but also as a sensitive artist of his time.


Michael Pollan

Rs. 599.00

This book is a call for the virtues and values of proper cooking. In a series of brilliantly observed encounters with chefs from around the world, the author takes us on a journey through the fundamentals of cooking, uncovering the inner mysteries of everything from tiny specks of yeast to a whole hog roast.

Brilliant Blunders

Mario Livio

Rs. 699.00

Nobody’s perfect. Not even some of the greatest geniuses in history. This work tells us the story of scientific error and breakthrough. It is a singular tour through the world of science and scientific achievement. And it is an insightful examination of the psychology of five fascinating scientists.

The Captainship: First Gen Entrepreneurs

Rs. 299.00

This is a collection of first-person narratives from nine-first generation Indian entrepreneurs, among India’s most respected for their value-based approach to organisation building. They share their journeys, of their ordinary youth, with all the normal joys and insecurities of childhood.

Southern India: A Guide to Monuments, Sites & Museums

George Michell

Rs. 495.00

This comprehensive guide to Southern India’s varied heritage covers all the major Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and European historical monuments and sites in Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

(Source: Kochi Books, Fort Kochi. Phone: 2218730.


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