Wouldn't it be cool to have the retro Elvis Presley or Godfather poster hung on your bedroom wall? Or how about the kitschy prints of Beatles or The Sound of Music adorning the doors?

Titled ‘Vintage Wall Art' by Burning Candy, the collection on sale at Mocha, on Lavelle Road, consists of 22 frames including rare prints of Chaplin as Hitler, James Bond movies, and Gancia.

Burning Candy found its inspiration from the art that exists around us — graffiti on the walls, peculiar drawings behind trucks or just old funky posters that have stuck around for years. It started off in August 2010 with the aim to promote pop art from around the country by restoring the age-old covers of magazines, posters, calendars and advertisements that were printed between the period of 1940 and 70. The group members scout around the country for these and restore them using graphics and other techniques.

Karanvir from Burning Candy recalls how it all came about. “I had quit my advertising job of five years. I wanted to do something different, quirky and of course ‘out-of-the-box.' Following this, my six-month self discovery tour started in Pondicherry and ended in Manali. The one thing that I realised was how art that was so cool and unique existed in many forms around us.”

The wall art collection is priced between Rs. 890 and Rs. 1,820.

To whet your appetite Burning Candy also brings you a collection of hand-painted boxes with bizarre prints painted by Indian artists. It was born out of the idea of making storage spaces look good for a change. Scattered around the place, these boxes look quite like pieces of art. The limited stock of boxes starts from Rs. 1,700 and goes up to Rs. 3,000.

Apart from Mocha, Bangalore, the collection is on display at Rio Grande, Delhi, Mocha outlets in Mumbai and couple of stores in Calcutta. It'll soon be up in stores in Chandigarh, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Gurgaon and in Pune. Also soon-in-stores are cushions, clocks, bags, coasters, beer mugs and shot glasses. The collection is on sale till July 9 at Mocha, Lavelle Road.

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