Former cricketer Robin Singh will conduct a three-day high performance training programme in the city this weekend

He is still known as one of the best fielders in the international cricket circuit. Robin Singh, who has been very active in coaching and imparting his expertise to young cricketers is all set to conduct a three-day high performance training programme, along with Sports Insight, a Chennai-based sports performance analysis organisation. He talks about the upcoming training programme:

For how long have you been associated with Sports Insight?

Sports Insight, aims to bring technology into the sport to enhancing performance of players. We have had several successful stints working together in the Bangladesh Premier League, Sri Lanka Premier League, Caribbean Premier League and other T20 tournaments, and longer format games with the help of SI’s technology support.

You are known as an ace fielder and have coached the national team and T20 teams. How much emphasis do you give to fielding during your coaching programmes?

Fielding is undoubtedly a very important part of any format of the game — especially T20. Young players have become fitter, a key ingredient to being a better fielder.

How did you come up with the idea for this high performance programme?

The idea for this programme came up because we realised there was a lack of awareness among youngsters about the right approach to the game at all levels. We want to guide them in the right direction.

How did you get involved in coaching?

When I was still playing for the country, I got an opportunity to coach the Indian under-19 team. I later went on to coach the national team and have since been involved with several assignments such as the IPL, Champions League T20 as well as for associate nations such as Hong Kong and USA.

After several years, you are conducting this kind of programme in India. Why did you choose Chennai to start with?

Chennai is the first choice, since we reside here. We are eventually looking at taking this to other cities across India.

What would you be focussing on during the three-day coaching programme?

The age group for this training programme is 13 years and above. The focus will be on batting, bowling, fielding and fitness. It would include high performance technical analysis and would give the players a specific way to approach and shape their game to perform better at the competitive level. On the final day, there will be a question and answer session at the venue.

How do you plan to balance coaching in USA, coaching the IPL team and your upcoming high performance training programmes in India?

I focus on one coaching programme at one point of time. But with advancement in technology, I coordinate with the Sports Insight team who are well connected all around the globe. The groundwork is done by their team, and on my arrival, we immediately start the coaching and training.