Crowne Plaza Gurgaon launches its pastry shop

There is nothing better than sweet endings, and for exactly this reason Crowne Plaza Gurgaon recently opened Delicious, a dedicated pastry shop. The menu includes delectable pastries like fresh mango tartlet, Sacher cake, raisin scones, lychee jalousie and various others.

Mohammed Ayub Quereshi, head chef at Delicious, informs that all the pastries are French, the opera slice and mint chocolate being his specialities.

The cream and the almond sponge are prepared separately for the opera slice. A delicious concoction of egg yolk, whipped cream, cake crumb, almond powder and vanilla, it melts in the mouth.

The pastry shop also claims to be the only place in NCR that makes mint chocolate. There are some mouth-watering sugar-free pastries, like the mini chocolate éclair, for those who can't have sugar.

Also available at the counter are truffles (white tia maria, dark rum, matcha, almond rock, pistachio amaretto), cookies (honey bee, almond biscotti, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate crunchy, peanut butter, hazelnut macaroon) and different varieties of breads like rye, multi-grain, whole-wheat, , four-seed, focaccia, masala, white and brown.

The lychee jalousie, where the fruit is combined with a generous spread of cream, is not to be missed. The amrito mango cheese pastry is another thing one should go for.

With a normal sponge base and a cheese cream, with fresh Alfonso mangoes as toppings, the cheese and mango combine to offset the sweetness with the a slight tanginess.

With a calm, soothing touch to it, and soft music playing in the background, Delicious is where one can enjoy a quiet evening all by oneself, enjoying the pastries and also a few drinks if one is up for it!

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