A bereaved pet-owner takes a walk down memory lane

This is the story of my cat Moni. When my husband was employed in IIT, we stayed in the IIT quarters where Moni was a stray cat. We came to know of her when she delivered three kittens on our staircase. My daughter Subha is an ardent animal lover and started feeding both the mother and the children. When Moni delivered three more kittens a few months later, Subha took Moni for birth control surgery and brought her home again.

Moni established herself well in our apartment and would sleep only on the sofa right under the fan. Every morning at 7, she would come to me and get the first dosa or chappati. Right before leaving for work, I’d leave food and milk for her and litter in the bathroom.

I am a Central Government employee and both of us lost a sizeable amount of house rent allowance as we stayed in the quarters — we stayed there for Moni who was used to her environment. When my husband retired, we moved to an apartment close by as the other option was in an area where she was at risk of being captured for meat.

In the new apartment, we covered all our windows with nets so she could not escape. After a fortnight, we let her out slowly to get her used to the new place. Later, Moni contracted cancer and I got her the best treatment possible. She fought the cancer bravely but succumbed to it on a Sunday morning when I was home with her. Even today, three years after her death, tears roll down my eyes when I think of her. She was with us for 13 years. She was as faithful as a dog and was fond of my saris, and would often choose to sleep on them. I complete this story with an appeal to all owners to take care of their pets till the end of their lives. To leave them orphaned is the worst sin.


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