Cats and kittens have always been mysterious creatures that are often misunderstood. Some of the common misconceptions about our feline friends involve doubts about their affection, intelligence or loyalty. The truth is cats and kittens are strongly attached to their families and feel a sense of loss if and when they are separated from people they love. Says cat-owner Yasmine Claire who rescues kittens and rehabilitates them – “It is true that cats are as affectionate as dogs. The way they express it is different. Cats will cuddle with you on cold nights and keep you warm, they will comfort you by purring when you feel low, they will play with you and make you laugh, dart all around the room just to amuse you.” Cats exhibit high levels of intuition and intelligence, and have even been known to warn their humans about fires, natural disasters or intruders. Cattitude Trust helps families relocate with their cats and advises them strongly against abandonment, in cases where the cats are used to being fed by the family (as opposed to cats that come and go and occasionally eat the food provided by humans). However, they become confused in a new habitat, so the humans need to follow certain steps to help them adapt.

(To adopt a kitten, call 900321860. For tips on relocating with cats, email

TAKE ME HOME Gorgeous Ginger is 2 months old and is vaccinated and healthy. To adopt this female Indian pup, call her foster family at 9840620756

TAKE ME HOME Beautiful Mishka is 2.5 months old and is a female Indian pup. She was rescued as an orphan and is being pampered with affection and care. To adopt her, call 9025389033

HERO OF THE WEEK Leela Sivamani nominates Kathirvel a small-time AC mechanic and an animal lover who is taking care of a homeless dog and her six puppies since their birth near his workshop.

LOST This Rampur hound by name Ramu went missing from T.Nagar near Pondy Bazaar. If you spot him please call his worried family at 98400-98989. For a full listing of lost and found pets in Chennai, visit

HOLD MY PAW Hi! We're a batch of three-month-old healthy, friendly puppies born to a homeless mother. To adopt one of us, please call 24918723

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