NRI Roopa Rajaramadoss was in Chennai for Diwali when she came across a family of panicked cats. As the crackers went off, she noticed that they were in a state of fear. The mother and the youngest kitten had a constant twitch that may have resulted from noise-related stress. Roopa decided to come to their rescue and enlisted the help of Karthyk from the volunteer group TAGS (The Animal Guardian Society). The cats were taken to the doctor to ensure that they were in safe quarters till the celebrations were over. One of the kittens was weak and passed away soon after, but the others showed an improvement in health.

Roopa named the mother Leonie and the kittens Peanut and Butter. “They are all lovable, adoptable souls”, she says of the white-and-orange felines. While the kittens were in recovery cages at the clinic, several visitors saw them and fell in love. However, as many were already pet-owners, they were unable to adopt the pair. Roopa is looking for homes for all three including the mother. “If the mother is not adopted, she will go back to the streets”, she says, adding “If she is adopted, the owners need to keep her in a secure room with ample space and light, food and water. The windows cannot be opened for a couple of months just to ensure she gets accustomed to the new surroundings. The owners must ensure that the room is safe, with no sharp objects, open wiring, fire hazards or household poisons. The windows should be such that they cannot be dislodged and opened by a persistent cat. Once she gets used to people, she will not try to leave as long as she is fed on time and given lots of affection. They can later allow her out for a few hours a day and then let her move freely in the house. They are extremely friendly and I really hope they are blessed with forever homes”.

To adopt the beautiful mother or her mischievous young ones, call TAGS at 9600984251


This ginger kitten is a beautiful dreamer and is in good health. To adopt him or his siblings, call 9962461766

Healthy, vaccinated kittens of all ages are ready for their new homes. For adoptions, call their foster parent at 9841236008


I'm a female labrador who's about seven - nine months old. I was found wandering on the street in Aminjikarai after Diwali. My rescuer thinks I might have run away from crackers. I have found a nice new home but would still like to find my old family. Please email if you are my original family and have been looking for me.


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