I was on my way to the Saidapet bus stand to take bust to office and out of nowhere a tiny pup appeared right in the middle of the road. A bus was rushing towards her in full speed. I tried waving my hands frantically and pleaded for the bus to stop. The driver ignored me thinking that I was trying to get into the bus and kept driving without knowing that the puppy was there. My heart was pounding as I thought to myself, “She is going to get killed right in front of my eyes”.

And then a miracle happened. She suddenly decided to run and play on the other side of the road and narrowly escaped getting run over by the bus. I ran towards her, caught her and took her home. I also looked around for the mother dog with no success. My mother fed her warm diluted milk and we christened her Lucy. Blissfully unaware that she had escaped death by a whisker, she instantly settled down in my house, while my own dog Elsa looked on jealously. We have now lodged Lucy at a veterinary clinic while we look for a good home for this loving soul. She was lucky once and we’re hopeful that she will be lucky again and that this friendly puppy gets a permanent place in someone’s heart. To adopt Lucy, call 9176464855

(The author is a software engineer and is maintaining a real-time directory of lost and found pets in Chennai at www.lostnfoundpets.tk)

HERO OF THE WEEK Rajan nominates his wife Girija for adopting three homeless dogs. Girija also takes care of birth control surgeries and regular vaccinations of five street dogs.

FOUND This male Spitz was found crying on Kottivakkam beach on 30 July with a metal collar and appears to be a missing pet. If you're the owner email to ramesh.raghavan@gmail.com

EVENT Adopt a healthy, vaccinated Indian puppy free of cost. The Chennai Adoption Drive is holding its adoptathon on Sunday, 21 Aug between 10 am and 3 pm at 6, 1st Avenue, Boat Club Road. Call 8939311148 or 9025389033 for details.

TAKE ME HOME To adopt friendly, healthy rescued kittens and give them a loving home, call 9841519030

TAKE ME HOME Seven rescued puppies and a few kittens are ready and waiting for new homes. For adoptions, call AWPT at 9962968265

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