If you've ever wondered what to do about an orphaned kitten mewing pitifully at your door, or if you're a cat owner who wants to know how to protect your pet through vaccination, check out this Sunday's free adoption and awareness camp on kittens conducted by Blue Cross volunteers.

Volunteer Sudhersena A, who is coordinating this camp, feels that the rising trend of kitten abandonments is a serious issue that needs addressing. “Kittens just get run over when they are left on the street,” she rues.

Volunteers suggest birth control (spay or neuter) for pet cats to avoid litters being abandoned in shelters or on the street, and will explain precautions such as immunisation and post-operative care at the event. Other topics of discussion include de-worming cycles for cats and kittens, and how to care for young ones whose mothers are missing or dead. “The first question we ask when kittens are brought into the shelter is ‘where is the mother?' If the mother is around, we recommend waiting till the kittens are weaned at two months of age, and then looking for homes for them. At this point in time, the mother must be sterilised before the next reproductive cycle begins,” says Sudhersena, who is also using this event to promote adoption of kittens and debunks myths about their nature.

“They are equal to pups and dogs in terms of how attached they are to people”, she says. “If you are looking to bring one home, there are so many adoptable kittens in our shelter that will make good pets. And to celebrate World Animal Day, we're waiving veterinary fees and treatment costs for kittens adopted on that day.”

(The camp is being held at Blue Cross, 72, Velachery Road, Guindy, on October 2 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 93810-50221 or 91769-27917, for details)

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