Pooja is a one-and-a-half-year-old dog and is half-Dalmation, half-Indian. Our vet Dr. Rajasekar first saw her in the clinic when she was a month old. He diagnosed her as completely blind and that she would be for the rest of her life. The next time we saw her was six months later when two young boys brought her to us, saying she was found lost on the street, apparently abandoned by her owners. She was terrified, starving and barely had the strength to stand. We put her in a small contained area just off the verandah with two puppies for company. We put boards across the door leading to the verandah, and gave her a lot of love and affection until she was stronger and felt more secure.

After a month, we removed the boards from the doorway. It took Pooja several days of putting her foot through the doorway and retracting it, to summon the courage to step out onto the verandah. It was tough going, as she was walking into dogs and stepping on resting dogs’ heads. They were hostile at first but when they understood that she was an innocent, sweet creature that couldn’t help it, they became more forgiving. After months of moving around, she settled for hanging around near the kitchen and is now in the verandah again, recovering from a minor injury to her tongue.

Pooja is a timid, affectionate dog and needs a better life in a place where there are not so many things or animals. The shelter is not a good place for her. She needs a home with a contained space where she can just be loved. An ideal family would be an older couple without young children. Pooja needs a regular living area with safety and the warmth of people. We have been looking for someone who will give her the good life she deserves.

(The author is an American national who moved to India in 2006 and founded Arunachala Sanctuary, Tiruvannamalai. To adopt Pooja, reach him at 9364531348 or email arunachalashelter@yahoo.com)


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