Have you decided to adopt a puppy? Congratulations on your decision and do adopt a needy puppy from an orphaned litter on the street or an animal shelter. Before bringing a puppy home, you will need food, water and food bowls, a leash, a collar, a bed or mat in a place dedicated to the pup at home, brushes or combs, a striped ball and canine chew toys.

Never leave your new family member unattended in a place where he could be stolen by a passerby or children as he could be dumped elsewhere and will not know how to find his way back. Ensure that he is safe from kidnapping by keeping him indoors and not leaving him alone or at the mercy of strangers. Take your puppy for walks to relieve himself twice or thrice a day (morning, evening and night). Play with him frequently and do not scold him if he accidentally soils the house. Put a newspaper on the floor near the puppy so that he uses that till he is old enough for walks. In about four days your pup should automatically head for his proper place after meals or whenever the urge strikes. If it takes longer, be patient.

After he’s old enough, take him for walks after naps, extreme excitement, drinking water, playing or if he starts sniffing around the house for a good spot. Be extra careful during Diwali or when crackers are bursting, as animals are very sensitive to noise and might try to run away. Keep him inside one room away from all noise and fire and take turns keeping him company.

Never hit your puppy. Do not give puppies a bath if they are very small as it could give them a cold. Wipe them with a warm, damp cloth instead.

Our dogs give us love, loyalty and friendship, and we are in turn responsible for their proper care, food and water, shelter, safety, regular veterinary care and exercise.

(The author rescues and finds homes for homeless puppies and the complete compilation of her advice can be found at http://puppycareandtraining-anu.blogspot.com/)


This ginger kitten was rescued, is in great health and is looking for a caring, affectionate human guardian. Call 9176861878 for adoption.

The mother cat in this image went missing on the 6th of February from CPWD quarters, 2nd Campus Indira Nagar, Adyar. She is white with golden spots, a golden tail and a cut ear. If you spot her, please call her worried family members at 9444452043

HERO OF THE WEEK Pransaa Karthik nominates Sumathi and Ramani for adopting homeless cats, arranging for their birth control and treating serious wounds until recovery is complete.


These two siblings with black and tan fur coats are Indian pups who were rescued from cruelty on the street. They love people and are afffectionate, healthy and friendly. Call 9884149720 (between 10-30 am and 6 pm) for adoption.

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