After their roaring success in June’s adoption event where 62 animals were adopted, the Blue Cross of India is conducting its next adoption drive on Sunday. Priya Kalidindi, one of the main volunteers at the event (that will feature pups, kittens and a few pedigree adult dogs), says that the goal of these drives is to present adoption as the right way to get a pet — “When there are so many orphaned puppies in need of caring and loving homes, why buy a puppy from a breeder who uses the mother dog for puppy production?”

Srikanth Ramesh, another participant at the event hopes that adopters keep their minds open to female animals as well. “Animals don’t see themselves as ‘colours’ or ‘genders’. We should stop discriminating and attaching value to these tags”. Priya adds that animals are lovable irrespective of their breed, and that local breeds like the ones at this event are adaptable and easy to maintain — “If you are true to the belief that a pet is a family member, adopt a homeless one that needs your care”, she says.

The kitten adoption zone is slated to be a delight for cat people. Says Yasmine Claire who has rescued and adopted several kittens– “Cats make wonderful companions. They are loyal and affectionate. Their games keep you entertained all day and they keep you warm on cold winter nights”.

All adopting families must fill out a registration form and will be given pamphlets on how to care for their new pets. Volunteers of the Blue Cross will follow up on the adoptions and provide advice and guidance.

The Blue Cross Adoption Drive is scheduled for September 23, Sunday between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the shelter in No.72, Velachery Main Road, Guindy. There is no entry fee. All adoptions are free of cost. Call 9952075570 or 9176927917 for details.

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