When Katarina Havlova moved to Chennai from central Europe three years ago, she had no idea that she would play a part in saving the lives of over a 100 street puppies. “It was a shock for me to see dogs on the street. I felt so sorry for them,” she says, recalling how it began. “I found homeless puppies and got them adopted.” When Katarina moved house, she met Anuradha Manish-Chawla and Jennifer Jacob-Murali Anand who were also actively rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned pups. Together, they co-founded Chennai Adoption Drive and began monthly camps where dozens of furry ones found loving families. “Indian dogs are really great,” says Katarina. “And they are more suitable for this climate than foreign breeds. I see some pedigree dogs that sleep all the time because they are so tired in this hot weather. And this results in weight problems.”

Katarina gushes about her own Indian dogs – ones she adopted as puppies when they weren't lucky enough to find homes. “I was able to toilet train them when they were just four weeks old. They are just like my babies.”

While the adoption drives required considerable effort and struggle, Katarina observes that the compassionate streak in people always shines through and saves the day. “One puppy we helped with adoption was deaf but we didn't know at the time. The family called us later and told us this. We were a bit worried about whether they would want to keep it or give it back. But they told us that they loved the puppy so much, after just a few days and that they would keep it.”

She signs off with a message on behalf of the city's homeless puppies: “If you are thinking of having a pet, please consider those pups that are on the street. They have feelings too.”

(To adopt a healthy, vaccinated puppy from Chennai Adoption drive or to volunteer with them, call 9025389033 or email chennaiadoptiondrive@gmail.com)

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MetroplusJune 28, 2012