Chennai's rescue brigade

When Anand Krishnan and his friend Murali Anand were on their way back from Oragadam, they noticed a puppy dragging his hind legs on the hot tar road. The pup was a victim of a hit-and-run accident that left both his hind legs badly broken and paralysed. With the help of NGOs such as Chennai Adoption Drive and Cattitude Trust, the duo arranged for veterinary care and named him Remy Martin.

Anand observes that it was a sheer luck that they saw Remy when they did, as paralysed dogs face a painful death on the streets. “It's important for everyone to drive carefully,” he says, adding that accidents sometimes happen despite our best efforts to prevent them. “If you hit a dog, take it to a vet immediately. If you are afraid of dogs, call the Blue Cross, wait there and keep an eye on the dog till the ambulance arrives, rather than calling them up and leaving the place immediately.” Remy is now being measured for a cart that will serve as a wheelchair, and continues to live at the house of his rescuer.

Anand's friends at the Chennai Adoption Drive are determined to bring down the number of puppies on the city's streets to reduce the number of these tragic accidents. Says Chennai Adoption Drive's co-founder Jennifer Jacob — “We've had nine adoption drives so far and have found homes for nearly 250 puppies”. Jennifer's team follows up on the adoptions and insists on all puppies going through birth control when they are eight months old. In the meantime, they encourage people to adopt pets rather than add to the population by buying or breeding them. “We can't do anything to stop the breeding industry unless the demand for pedigree puppies comes down,” says Anand. Jennifer echoes his sentiments and reveals that many visitors to her adoption drives came in looking for a certain breed and ended up adopting mongrel puppies after finding that all dogs are equally lovable. “At the end of the day, nothing gives you more satisfaction than giving a home to an animal in need,” she says.

(To adopt a healthy vaccinated puppy in Chennai, call 8939940630. For more details on Chennai Adoption Drive, check out

Cuppy is a 40-day-old puppy who's de-wormed, active and healthy. She is looking for a home with someone who preferably has experience handling dogs. Call 9840136341

Vellai is a male, 8-year-old mongrel with a cropped ear and an injury (on shoulder) that was healing. He went missing from Thiruvanmyur near Shankara Vidysharam School near LB Road/2nd Main Road Junction, West Kamaraj Nagar. He is weak after the treatment, so if you find him, please confine him in a safe place and call 9840239510. Reward offered.

Adopt a friendly Indian rescued puppy aged one month, or his siblings. Call 99402 44569 for details

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