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Movie star Trisha Krishnan believes that all dogs are equally lovable

If Trisha had been shooting anywhere else, Cadbury would’ve been another statistic – a hit-and-run accident where the dog is left to die a painful death on the street. As luck would have it, the actor was passing through after a shoot in Hyderabad and refused to look the other way. “I scooped him up and rushed him to the Blue Cross hospital where he was given first aid. Having found him, I could not abandon him. I named him Cadbury and brought him back home with me to Chennai where he has lived ever since”.

Trisha, who was recently signed on as PETA’s ambassador for adoption of Indian dogs says that her decision to adopt the gorgeous injured fellow was based on a value system that lays emphasis on ethics. “Being Indian to me means living by values that include taking care of each other. This also means taking care of our Indian community dogs, helping them when they are in need and giving them affection”. She walks the talk and refers to Cadbury as her son. She uses her stardom as a platform to spread the message and hopes her fans will see the merit in adopting a puppy from the street or a local shelter rather than buying one from a breeder. “There are many dogs and cats and struggling to survive on the street and in shelters and not enough good homes”, she says.

She sported an “I love Indian dogs” tee at a recent PETA event that discussed the exploitative side of the pedigree breeding industry, focusing on mothers being abused or inbred and the unsuitability of many foreign breeds for our hot climate. Her pride at being the companion of a rescued animal is evident when she signs off - “I’m a desi girl with a desi dog”.

(To adopt an Indian rescued dog, call Chennai Adoption Drive at 8939311148)