They're eyeing accessories at the vet's clinic: A shiny red collar and leash hang temptingly on a wall, and the puppy-owned are often spotted admiring them and asking themselves — “I wonder how Fido would look in that colour”.

They suddenly love the outdoors: If your former couch potato friend is gushing about Frisbee games on Sundays and raving about how great it is to go for a run in the evening right after work, chances are, a bundle of fur had something to do with this change in attitude.

Code language: Dog people are good at crosswords because of the twisted path they use to indicate secret words. “Damp”, they might say, meaning “wet”. “Wet”, meaning vet. Sadly, Fido picked up the rules of the game early on, and was seen hiding under the drawing room couch!

Guilt is all around: They're hesitant to stop over and pet their neighbour's friendly dog and acquire its unmistakable ‘other-dog' scent, just in case the puppy back home reacts with a look of betrayal and disappointment.

Human encyclopaedias: Overnight, they've read up on everything, and will gladly share their tidbits about all things canine if you are thinking of getting a puppy. Before you know it, you receive an email with a list of things to buy, a trusted vet's number, and cute pictures that encourage you to take the leap.

The afterglow: Newly-owned humans are surprised by their dogs' roars of affection that greet them every day. The result — a glow of happiness and a tendency to rush home to be with their best friends, waiting with their tails still for the sound of the gate opening, for it's glorious music to their furry ears.

(Looking to become puppy-owned? Call 99406-17425 or 98841-49720 for adoptions)

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