A young puppy with large kangaroo-like ears and a coat of snow white fur lay still in the same spot at Ethiraj Salai for five whole days, en route to certain death, until his fortune changed. When his rescuer (who chooses to stay anonymous) spotted him, she was told by a teashop owner that a motorbike had run over the pup’s paw, and that the driver had sped away without surveying the damage. “He needed a sponging to get off all the motor bike grease which was still on him,” she says. “We then took him to a vet who bandaged the paw after disinfecting the wound.”

The puppy was named Ronaldo, and a few pellets of food later, he turned into a playful blur that made it almost impossible to photograph him. He was given temporary shelter by Rao, a household help and dog lover, who took turns with his wife giving Ronaldo his medication every few hours. “It’s a lot like having a baby in the house,” says Rao who proudly reports that he’s helped the little one regain most of his puppy weight, and that he wants only the kindest of people to adopt his furry friend. “It should be someone who will treat him like any other member of the family”, he says, adding – “He can’t talk but he has shown us so much gratitude in just four days”.

Ronaldo is well on his way to recovery and his rescuers provided this brief description of him for those who are considering adoption: “The little goblin eats like there’s no tomorrow and practically dances on his injured paw. He’s a beautiful fawn-coloured boy with big eyes you will just drown in: and he’s a total survivor who doesn’t fuss at all.”

To bring Ronaldo home, call Chennai Adoption Drive at 8939311148


MetroplusJune 28, 2012