Shauna Derrickson has been adopted several times. The American teacher who moved to India in July 2009 believes that animals intuitively seek out people who will care for them. “I’ve always had abandoned or deserted animals – they wandered over sometimes and decided to stay. And we let them stay. They usually adopted us!” she says.

Shauna took in two homeless kittens in the U.S. and brought them along when she relocated to India. “Cats provide a sense of home no matter where you live”, she says, adding that spaying and neutering pets is an important step in controlling overpopulation. Last month, she adopted an Indian pup that had been found orphaned on the street. “My four-year-old daughter has named her Roxy Rainbow”, she laughs. “Roxy will be spayed when she’s old enough. I wouldn’t think of breeding her”.

Speaking of the pedigree puppy trade, she observes that breeders who try to accentuate a certain quality they find attractive may cause genetic problems in pups in the process. “(While breeding selectively) both the good and the bad get accentuated. Researches show most of these breeds have health issues.” She recommends adoption of rescued animals as an alternative to patronising the pet trade.

As for her three rescued furry friends, they are now very busy working out the new power dynamics at home. “Roxy has figured out which cat she can bully and which cat will bully her”, she says of the progress that’s been made so far. “Life is a lot more interesting and exciting with a puppy. And it feels good to know that you’ve given a home to a little one who would’ve been on the street otherwise”.

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MetroplusJune 28, 2012