A kitten reveals what goes on in the feline mind

I'm exactly like that high-pitched cheetah cub you're fawning over on the Discovery Channel. We're both wild and beautiful, and our favourite thing to do is to swat slow-moving objects with our fat paws, so please turn off the TV and take some close-up shots of me with that amateur camera. And I wouldn't say no to being your desktop wallpaper this week. When I'm not posing for you or chasing my pretend prey, make no mistake: I'm lying in wait to see what's most important to you so I can disrupt your work and command your complete attention. So put down that notepad at your own risk.

Feel free to get me a delicate-looking cane basket and line it with a comfortable quilt, but I can't promise I'll settle into it just because it's cute. I just might choose a pile of laundry to snuggle into on a cold winter morning, or I might curl up on your favourite pillow. If I do, you're welcome to sleep in my basket.

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