Get an identity tag for your pet’s collar: Pets often go missing during vet visits and festivals like Diwali. Getting them an engraved identity tag (like a pendant on a collar, on embossed on the collar itself) with their name and your number can save you a lot of trouble in the event that he goes missing. If your pet is a pedigree, get him or her spayed / neutered by a reputed vet and add to the pendant that birth control has been done. This discourages theft by breeders.

Be meticulous about vaccination and de-worming: Missing a vaccination schedule could be fatal – maintain a record with your pet’s immunizations and get regular de-worming done to avoid health complications.

Make the ‘forever’ promise: Like people, our pets too can fall sick or start to require special needs. Resolve never to abandon them on the streets or in a shelter when they get old or begin to battle an illness, for that’s when they need their family the most.

Train with patience: Dogs respond best to positive reinforcement and reward-based training methods. Stick to encouragement and vet-approved treats, and avoid hitting them or hiring a harsh trainer who will overpower the pet by causing fear. Choke collars cause severe damage or death and must be avoided at all costs.

Don’t play doctor: Quick fixes and self-medication are always a bad idea. Avoid using internet research or human medication on animals as this could be deadly. If your pet appears to need medical attention even for a small issue, use only a trusted veterinarian’s advice.

Make time for your pet: Both cats and dogs need frequent human interaction in the form of petting or games, and a few toys to call their own. If you are in the process of adopting a pet, consider adopting two if you can afford to maintain them, so they will have each other for company when family members are at work.

Adopt one, don’t buy one: Don’t have a companion animal yet? Remember that there are too many animals and too few homes. Adopt an orphaned or abandoned pet, rather than contribute to the breeding industry.

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