Mamma Miaow is a feisty feline — she's the queen cat of her household and demands love and attention from her humans by pulling gently at the edge of their clothing. Her story is miraculous for many reasons — she is a handicapped cat who lost vision in one eye and had a leg amputated when a car accidentally rammed into her. At the time of the accident, she had three newborn kittens whose fate hung in the balance as well.

Luckily for Mamma Miaow, Sara Mohan of the Cattitude Trust rushed to the rescue of the whole family. Sara found a home for the three kittens and also carted off the mother to a vet for emergency care. Says Devika Khazvini, Cattitude's founder — “She was named after the song, as in — Mamma Mia! What a cat!”

The goal of finding a safe and permanent home for a handicapped adult was daunting, as most potential families prefer kittens. Once again, a good samaritan came forward, saying — “If no one wants her, I do”. Her limelight-shy owner, who only wishes to identify himself as Mr. R says that no animal that enters his house is ever given away to anyone else, and that they are members of his family. All his other pets too are rescues,” he says. “They are a source of company to lonely people”.

Mr. R is appalled by ‘pet fairs' where animals are exhibited for trade. “We treat them as commodities,” he laments. “When there are problems, we throw them out. If you cannot look after pets till their last breath, do not adopt”.

It has been seven months since Mamma Miaow settled into his home and she now takes new rescues under her wing and plays the role of guardian angel. Her owner sums up the joy of pets by quoting Anatole France: “Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened”.

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