Almost every week, Hridhya Remin would come face-to-face with several pairs of hopeful eyes, watching her longingly from behind their enclosures. Hridhya and her husband were regular visitors at the Blue Cross shelter in Velachery, where they fed homeless dogs. When a management member mentioned an upcoming adoption drive, they decided to attend — it was a decision that changed their lives.

At the event, she chanced upon a small, chubby puppy with large liquid eyes, a glowing copper-coloured coat and a pink satin ribbon around her neck, and it was love at first sight. “I just held her in my arms and didn’t let her go,” laughs Hridhya who had only one potential hurdle to cross. “I called my house owner from the shelter and asked for permission to bring her home. And she said yes.”

She named the new family member Lucky and remembers how they formed a bond just within a few hours. “Initially, she was a little nervous and was crying in the night. I kept her on my bed and she fell asleep. By the next day, she had become friendly and naughty. When my husband comes home from work, she just rushes to him, wagging her tail.”

Hridhya acknowledges the prejudice that some people have against female pets. “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a female pup,” she says. “We can always spay them at the right time.” She reveals that breed was never a factor in her decision-making process — “Every dog’s behaviour is the same,” says the proud owner. “And given our climate, it’s good to have an Indian dog!”

She signs off with a piece of advice for people who are looking to get companion animals in the future: “If you want a dog, just adopt. Don’t buy one”.

(For details on adopting Indian pups and kittens free of cost, call 8056288026 or email