Two lovable rescued kittens are all set for their new homes

Samosa is a lion in cat's clothing. One week after she was born, she was rescued by her foster family when she fell ill and after the best of love, care and medical attention, she recovered completely and became quite the picture of cuteness. The curious kitten likes to be in the centre of everything and is a social butterfly that knows no fear. Anything from a piece of string to a crumpled paper ball is considered a plaything and seems to run on heavy-duty batteries, given her boundless energy. Samosa is now three months old and is looking for a permanent home, preferably one where she will have the company of other cats and kittens and humans who will shower her with the attention she craves.

Samosa's buddy Diego is a gorgeous orange tabby cat around six months of age. Diego was rescued as a three-month-old and is also an inquisitive fellow. The sensitive cat reacts well to kindness and establishes a strong bond with people once he knows they are friendly. Diego tends to follow his foster parents around from one room to another and settles down comfortably on their laps every time they sit down. Diego is a gentle soul and would love to be adopted by a family that is patient and understanding. He wouldn't mind other cats but is likely to take some time to adjust to the situation.

Samosa and Diego's rescuers would like the new adoptive families to make a token contribution to a registered animal charity as a goodwill gesture that will help other homeless kittens.

(To adopt Samosa or Diego call 28156144 or email


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