Have you ever longed to have a dog as a pet and yet couldn’t keep one because you live in an apartment complex that doesn’t permit pets or someone at home is allergic to animals? CUPA has just the solution for you.

Our shelter is home to a varied bunch of wonderful dogs, almost thirty in number. Each one is unique, has a name and a lovable personality. There is Charlie who is a renowned Canine Therapist, working with children with special needs, roly-poly Michael who was almost killed in a street fight in Shivajinagar, Puppy with the golden melting eyes who was cruelly abandoned by her family, awfully naughty Sonu, fat and greedy Button and many more. All you need to do is go to the CUPA Animal Shelter in the Veterinary College Campus, Hebbal and meet Mr. Lingaraj, the Animal Care Manager who will introduce you to the dogs and let you choose a foster pet.

Once you have selected a particular dog to foster, you will have to fill out a form giving all your details and then make a monthly donation towards his upkeep. This is a commitment from your side that covers the feeding, care and medicines of the dog.

A portion of your money goes towards abandoned and injured animals that are brought to the shelter everyday. Foster parenting means you can visit your dog, play with him, give him a bath, buy him treats etc. You also get a lovely picture of your foster pet as a keepsake.

But remember, foster parenting is a commitment to the dog that should be sustained. For more details email cupablr@gmail.com or call 22947300/01.

(The writer Sudha Narayanan is a CUPA trustee)

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