EATING OUT With its wide range of options Anarchy comes quite close to satisfying food-lovers

Working in Gurgaon is quite mechanical where even your sign in and sign out timings are monitored. Youngsters have to abide by the rules and hang an ID card around their neck throughout the day. One might be busy but has to complete the working hours and report to the team leader to draw the salary. So after spending long hours of the day controlled by others the only relief is Anarchy .Justifying the name hardly a month-old club & lounge located right in the centre of Global Business Park Anarchy is a place to live life to the fullest, have good food, hangout with friends and live freely.

Divided into two levels, Anarchy has an imposing bar and multi-cuisine restaurant on the ground floor that has a seating capacity for 80 people and a classy golden tinge lounge at the mezzanine. I saw a group of corporate professionals having a weekend party but most of them entered hungry and just wanted to hog on to food first rather than dance to the tappy tunes of the in-house DJ.

I sipped a piping hot Tom Kha chicken soup to start with. Described as galangal infused with chicken strips but it was the other way round. Infused with chicken and loaded with galangal to such an extent that it started hitting my throat. Pesto marinated chicken served on a skewer with green olive had nice flavour and freshness though the use of boneless breast made it a bit dry. BBQ chicken wings one of the most favourite delicacy in most of the lounges had a nice balance of flavours. But the best amongst the three was crispy rice fried prawns. Nice tender crunchy prawn was a perfect finger starter.

As I turned the menu page, it had Indian offerings as well. Best was to order a non-vegetarian platter and I did the same. Malai tikka and mutton seekhs were to be cherished though the tandoori murgh was too spicy. Fish tikka was bland and just flavourless. For main course stuffed mushroom chicken was yummy but its Indian counterparts were not even worth a bite. For burger and pizza lovers Anarchy offers to create your own burger and pizza option. Ending with a warm brownie topped with a scoop of vanilla seemed to be a wise decision.

Meal for two: Rs. 1600

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