A Telugu short film makes its way to Short Film Corner, Festival de Cannes 2014

Peek-a-boo, a 12-minute Telugu short film directed by Srinu Pandranki and starring Chaitanya Krishna (of Kaalicharan fame), has been selected to be featured in the Cannes ‘short film corner’ 2014. Shot with Red Epic camera and Steadicam, gives viewers a peek into the life of the protagonist who loses an expensive watch gifted by his wife, moves heaven and earth to find the watch and discovers harmony in life through his little daughter. “I shot for the film about a month ago. Peek-a-boo works as a concept which allows the viewer to draw his own interpretation,” says Chaitanya.

The director is happy that the film has been selected for the Cannes Short Film Corner but refrains from creating hype. “The Short Film Corner is not a competitive section and anyone who makes a short that meets the requirements can submit an entry.

There is a selection panel that shortlists films and these films will be screened at Cannes. The process is relatively easier than the competition section and I see no reason to draw unnecessary attention,” he explains. Srinu has also submitted the film for the competition section, the official selection list is expected by mid April. “If we get through the competition section, I’d consider than an achievement,” he adds. Having said that, he is glad the Short Film Corner will give him an opportunity to interact with different stakeholders in the international arena.