The 'Art of Listening to the Body' workshop to be held in the city for the first time

We have heard about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's ‘Art of Living'. Now the Temple Town is going to host a special workshop called ‘Art of Listening'. This one is for the health enthusiasts and fitness conscious who want to be in tune with their body and mind.

It will be conducted for the first time in Madurai by Chennai-based Gita Krishna Raj, the CEO of Maverick fitness studio. The day's workshop promises to integrate better understanding of the body and the mind through a holistic approach to health.

A holistic lifestyle coach trained at the CHEK Institute, USA, Gita has conducted several such workshops in Chennai which were also attended by celebrity singers, dancers, TV personalities, businessmen besides students, homemakers and fitness professionals and left them all inspired.

Just like petrol does not work on a diesel car, every body has its unique needs and cannot be dumped with the same universal diet and exercise routine to achieve fitness levels. This is what the ‘art of listening to your body' workshop underlines by combining sessions on the science of how the body works, the importance of mind and body integration, metabolic type diets, chakra balancing exercises and meditation.

Individual assessment is done using a comprehensive questionnaire covering diet intolerance, understanding the stress levels and health appraisals. Every participant gets a detailed report on their key priorities for greater well being. Says Gita: “The workshop helps to inspire people to take responsibility of their wellness. We need to understand the basic way our body functions, the exercises we should do, food we should eat and how to deal with stress. Recognizing the daily symptoms of the body's needs for sleep and nutrition leads to better fitness levels.”

The program is scheduled for December 10 (Saturday) at Maverick, Hotel Fortune Pandiyan from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Registration fee Rs.2,500 per participant. For further details call on 9176677107 or log on to


MetroplusJune 28, 2012