Director Koteswar Rao chooses patriotism as the subject for his debut film

A youngster who works as a service engineer in a pharma company makes his debut as director this week. Duniya, a film in the ‘patriotic' genre with six newcomers releases tomorrow. A patriotic film with heroes and heroines? Koteswar Rao, knows what he is speaking and is confident about his film's success. “A good film can't stand on its own. Also, if the producer has to get back his money there should be songs, love quotient etc. I can't make an out and out message-oriented film but at the same time I assure that there is no vulgarity.”

Koteswar Rao loves reading books and going through online courses of self help. He kept his passion alive and one fine day found a producer for his story and with a budget of three crore got the film rolling. Though it is on a regular commercial format the subject is heavy. Why has he given a Hindi title to the film? He explains, “We all do make a passing reference every day like Yee Duniya lo yem jaruguthundo maku teleedhu (we don't know what's happening in this world). Towards the end of the film the message is ‘India is our duniya' and we should have a safe duniya.”

Krantiveer, Nishant, Tanishq, Anusha Jain, Alisha Baig and Anuhya are the main players and apart from that there is a Muslim character who plays a journalist who works for The Hindu and covers assignments in Pakistan. The director says, “The three characters are friends and due to a misunderstanding they split; One of them falls into a problem and that is the time when his friends come together to resolve the conflict. The boys come to Hyderabad from Chennai in search of job opportunities and are apprised of the political unrest, strikes and the unstable situation in Hyderabad by a taxi driver. From then onwards begins the actual drama.” The director is planning to hold a preview for politicians to invite their comments.

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MetroplusJune 28, 2012