In the path of Devotion or Knowledge till one reaches a stage of surpassing normal life, some work would be undertaken. In the path of work, the first stage would be to aim for perfection in whatever one does. This does not mean one will get agitated when the input is not perfect, instead it will mean that all weaknesses would be seen and placed before Him, so He takes care of one’s shortcomings in the way necessary.

There will be a mental peace when work is undertaken and ownership of the outcome would be completely handed over to Him. What started as a mental prayer to Him then becomes a True Surrender. A surrender of all that one succeeds in and all that one fails in. Slowly a non-identification with the work one does will arise (but it is important to not forget that since the work is His, perfection is always the aim and since it is one’s sacrifice to Him no effort will be spared to ensure the input is perfect. This is necessary to be first understood as otherwise the mentally active person will use this logic as an excuse to not put in the necessary and due effort!). This means there is a complete attentiveness on the task (for example – one has to cross the road, one will attentively do that task and not walk across praying to Him!) but at the same time the outcome is completely surrendered to Him ( for example – one writes a book and it sells well, the result is His, one does not feel thrilled that it has sold well and neither is the reverse reaction felt). This logic has got to be repeatedly practiced and lived. The reactions when they arise have to be quelled by constant education (initially by the Mind only). In fact to help in this only so many methods were used. I recall when I was young many senior business persons used to say they have made God a partner in their business (Tirupathi was a common reference made). Many would even give a percentage of their earnings as offering to the God of their choice. Why was this a Practise? To enable the Mind understand it is He who causes every outcome and it is not solely by our efforts alone that we can prosper.

The challenge is that in the path of work a complete equanimity is required i.e. a balance between effort which is as perfect as can be made by one coupled with a complete renunciation or sacrifice of the outcome to Him has to become the path. Again without a strong Devotion (not necessarily emotion alone) and trust in Him coupled with the Mental Awareness of the Truth behind Life, which is the start of the Path of Knowledge, one cannot achieve even the first stage of Happiness in the Path of Work.

Thus the Path of Work becomes a true test by fire. One gets exposed to the full vagaries of life and it becomes essential to not escape from the labours of life in order to surpass the duality of Joy and Unhappiness. Once that path is started and a complete acceptance of His All-pervasive presence arises, then one does one’s best for all to benefit and what starts as a small sacrifice of one’s effort for the benefit of others becomes a complete sacrifice of all that one has to Him & Him alone.

Therefore what is the definition of the Divine Worker? He is one who completely surrenders the efforts and outcomes to the Divine. He rapidly evolves to use all the faculties at his disposal to further and deepen his experiences of That One through his work. All Knowledge and Devotion leads him to work with the utmost sincerity without any intervention by the normal wavering Mind. His Love for Him makes sure he never wavers from the path. His Knowledge melts away all his doubts and fears. There is a complete trust in Him, His Will and His Love.

Quoting from the Savitri (but out of context as the words are relevant to this article) – again from the ‘Adoration of the Divine Mother’

‘Revealed was the meaning of our spirits birth

Condemned to an imperfect body and mind

In the in conscience of material things,

And the indignity of mortal life’

What does this mean? Self (The Soul) has allowed itself to be born in what seems to be an imperfect Body and Mind. However, it is necessary for one to evolve out of this state to a state of perfection or immortality. That is the purpose of the spirits birth into what seems a world of inconscient and indignified existence. The need is for one to continue his work with Love, Devotion and Surrender to That One. Then the Truth becomes realized in one instant.

‘This Known as in a thunder flash of God

The rapture of things eternal filled his limbs

Amazement fell upon his ravished sense.

His spirit was caught in her intolerant flame.

The speciality of this path is that one can convert the path itself to be full of Happiness, knowing fully well that at the end of it a permanent Happiness or Bliss would arise. The perfect work done with the sincere and complete desire to sacrifice all to Him with the least of worries would determine how soon that happens.


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