From the other-worldly concerns of Varanasi with its temples and ghats to the grand monuments of Jaipur and narrow alleys in crowded cityscapes; from contemporary urban spaces to old, decaying palaces, the latest exhibition at Mahua Art Gallery titled “Architecture as Inspiration” captures them all in varying moods and media.

This theme is expressed through different genres of art––photography, sculpture, and mostly paintings.

This exhibition brings together nine artists, 33 artworks in all from Amit Bhar, Arindam Chakraborty, Kamal Pandya, Krishendu Porel, Pallon Daruwalla, Pradip Mitra, Sohini Dhar, Somenath Maity, and Tapas Ghoshal.

Meenu Jaipuria, who has curated the exhibition, says: “Architecture is an interesting artistic expression. Many artists are inspired by architecture just as architects are also inspired by painters and sculptors.

We wanted to explore how visual artists see architecture as inspiration.”

The traditional architecture of Rajasthan including historical monuments and havelis which are so much a part of the desert state's exotica for visitors, is inspiration for Pradip Maitra, while Tapas Ghoshal uses semi-abstract expression and vibrant colours for his evocations of one of the world's oldest and holiest cities––Varanasi.

Amit Bhar also interprets this religious centre on his canvases but he is more naturalistic and richly detailed, though both artists both leave an equally strong impression.

‘Early Morning Hours' by Kamal Pandya is colourful, miniaturist and evocative . Pallon Daruwalla, a well-known architecture and interiors photographer is a natural choice for an exhibition with a theme such as this.

His representations of Kutch––the exteriors of Dharamashala and the Maharao's Palace are arresting.

Somenath Maity interprets the urban sprawl of Kolkata in his many paintings and his untitled canvas offers a slice of that cityscape with elements like a gateway and cross-bar railings, in rich, layered colours.

War and peace, and their impact on architecture are the themes of Krishendu Porel's artworks which reveal a use of metaphor whether to express the ravages of battles or the calm that still exists amidst turbulence.

Arindam Chakraborty also uses suggestive imagery to relate human emotions with architectural forms.

Like Pandya, Sohini Dhar seeks expression through miniatures and her muse is nature, she has an avowed love for landscapes.

Architecture as Inspiration is on till July 31, at Mahua Art Gallery, IV Main Road, Sadashivnagar.