Lisa Ray is high on life and energy

While nursing a bad eye infection, a wedding proposal was the last thing she expected. But when it came her way, she couldn’t help screaming “for about ten minutes. After my fiancé calmed me down and with a puzzled look asked, ‘I still don’t know if that was a Yes or No,” recollects model-turned-actor Lisa Ray.

Looking stunning in an almost white coat over an off-white dress, Lisa looks very much her old self with her hair crossing her shoulder level.

“This visit to India is special. I spent a fun weekend with my friend Wendell Rodricks who is also doing my wedding gown. There are two other designers who are putting together my Indian outfits for my Sangeet and reception,” says Lisa.

Looking fit and almost set for her big day, Lisa is in the city to launch Rado’s new collection of watches.

She credits her fit look to yoga and the fact that she doesn’t have to take steroids anymore for her treatment.

“But my steroids stage helped me be more compassionate towards others. Peoples’ mood depends on a lot of factors and we shouldn’t judge them by their mood at one point of time. I am also staying fit with yoga or should I say I am looking fit for my TV show — Top Chef Canada,” laughs Lisa.

And as she also informs “there is a lot happening but it’s way too early to discuss or talk about. However, I am looking forward to all of it. With my treatment getting over, I feel a lot more energised and in a state to give more to movies and acting.”

Talking more on her wedding, Lisa says, her aunts and friends are putting her jewellery and rest of the trousseau together and she feels blessed for their gesture.

“I have completely left everything to them and I trust they will decide the best for me. I am not a very jewellery person even though I like to accessorise myself with the right accessories. I like big dial watches and I feel a good watch can be a good piece of jewellery,” she says.

How is honeymoon planned? “Oh, that’s a weird selection of a place. We selected a really unusual place — Bora Bora for our honeymoon. And the reason is we are both very curious about the place and we casually decided it has to be Bora Bora to make it a memorable one,” she signs off.

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