A seminar held at Kinesis talked about the need to overcome external factors to emerge victorious

At a recent Kinesis coaches’ certification programme seminar, a firm emphasis was placed on how to translate potential into results. M. Krishna Kumar, the Director of the Kinesis Tennis Academy, conducted the seminar to explain how ‘interference’ comes in the way of achieving consistent success.

With clever visual aids, the gathering was taught how to overcome self-doubt, fear, overconfidence and other factors which prevents an athlete from producing his best.

Kumar, a United States Professional Tennis Registry (USPTR) certified coach, spoke about methods used to quash the inner ‘bully’ – that voice in a sportsperson’s head which creates needless doubt and anxiety, both on and off the field. Kinesis, which has produced around 50 certified coaches at various levels in the last three years, takes pride in the fact that this year’s clinic was attended by enthusiastic people from diverse fields.

Former India international hockey star Jude Felix, who is the academy’s latest product, lent credence to the fact that learning can arrive from a field which may not be your home-turf.

“I like the programme’s systematic approach. This structured process is what India needs to produce champions,” said Felix, “I can stick my head out and say that India has the best hockey talent in the world. It is the administration and coaching that continues to fail us. Programmes such as these is what we need to give our boys the best chance to succeed.”

The coaching clinic was held under the watchful eyes of the Kinesis Tennis Academy faculty, which includes Kumar, Capt. Pavan Murthy (Technical Director), Keerthi Basavaraju (USPTR and USPTA coach) and Vibhash Vaidya (USPTR coach). This faculty of well-educated professionals (all members are graduates or post-graduates), is in line with Kumar’s objective to do efficient work through good communication skills.