Chicken and lamb can wait, while you try some octopus, lobsters and asparagus

For a change the chefs are not from China, Japan or Korea, nor do they have the oriental features, yet the food they serve at the Oriental Blossom at Aditya Sarovar Premiere is very much what it is meant to be. They serve Chinese, Japanese, Korean dishes.

The décor with a huge cluster of large red paper lampshades is appealing. The walls have paintings themed on wellness and prosperity and the rippling water sliding from a glass wall further goes on to soothe a diner's sense. If you haven't a clue of what to eat or not willing to spend too much time deciding the starter to the dessert, ask for the fixed menu which makes the selection simpler.

Those wanting to go through a planned leisurely meal can start with a soup and some dim-sums. The Oriental Blossom (OB) has Sui Mai's as well. One bite of the dim-sums will tell you about your food journey at the restaurant. They simply melt in your mouth. There are quite a few soups to choose from. If in a mood for a piping hot bowl then it has to be the Manchow soup. One word of caution: It is capable of burning your tongue. For starters try something new and go for the sea barbeque. The skewers come on a bed of well-lit coals with portions of baby octopus, fresh prawns and fish. The skewers are sure to impress diners with the fresh quality of the sea foods. It also goes to say, how fresh food do not require anything more than salt to make it awesomely tasty. The baby octopus tentacles taste better than squids and are sure to earn the restaurant a few brownie points. The portions served at The Oriental Blossom are more than sufficient, and that should be kept in mind while ordering. OB also has a wide choice of dishes for vegetarians and can serve more than just the usual choice of broccoli and bell peppers. Once again the crispy and crunchiness of the vegetables served is a plus point for the dishes. Try: The Lohan's vegetables, which is a stir fried chinese greens, shitake mushrooms, tofu and vegetables with mung bean threads, water chestnuts with baby corn and peppers in chilli black bean sauce, stuffed tofu in chilli garlic sauce, stir fried bean curd with fresh mushrooms and broccoli in oyster sauce, buddha's delight: medley of tofu, black fungus, vegetables and mushrooms

Like all places serving Chinese dishes, OB has the usual Chinese fare in rice and noodles. If not sure of eating duck meat at any place try the flavoured Peking duck meat served in pancakes. The experience will not let you down. There is also a cherry Mongolian lamb which a crispy preparation with a hint of spice and garlic. Sea food lovers will love the crispy prawns in black bean sauce. For a gravy dish to go with the rice it has to be the Kung Pao chicken. If that was enough, there are desserts as well. To start off go with the coconut blossom, which a wrap filled with fresh coconut shavings. There is a chocolate sushi as well which is egg less and gelatine free and is a treat for those with a sweet tooth or go for some honey tossed noodles with almond flakes.