Asima, Daksha Seth Dance Company and Vidwan perform at the Alchemy Festival in London

Three groups from Kerala – Asima, Daksha Seth Dance Company and Vidwan – will be taking centre stage at the Alchemy Festival in London.

Asima is led by Devissaro, while Daksha Seth Dance Company is led by Devissaro’s wife, Daksha Seth and their daughter Isha Sharvani. Vidwan is helmed by their son, Tao Issaro.

“Yes, it is sort of an all in the family affair,” says Devissaro. “The director of Alchemy Festival who had heard of us and of our repertoire came down to the city to see and hear us play. He liked our performances and hence invited us to the fete,” he says.

Asima will be performing a dozen of their compositions on April 12 and 13 at Southbank Centre. “Asima’s music is a blend of Western and Indian classical music, while Vidwan’s is more contemporary; it has more of world music. Vidwan will be doing the post show gig for Anoushka Shankar’s recital on April 13.”

Daksha Seth Dance Company will be performing their dance production, Shiva Shakti. “Although the title sounds ancient, the work is contemporary. The production is based on the idea that universe, in all its diversity, arises from the union of principles that embody masculinity and femininity. It relates to the Tantric philosophy, where Shiva represents the male and Shakti, the female,” says Devissaro. Isha who is the lead dancer, Shakti in this piece, will dance to the rhythm of Tao’s (Shiva) beats on the drums. The Shiva Shakti shows are on April 15 and 16.