Think while you write... 

It’s only been in the recent times (or that being in my twenties I’m socially aware only now) that the media has been successful especially when it brings news to people with a big swing.

Be it scams, anti-corruption crusaders, horrifying gang- rape, demand for stringent laws preventing abuse against women or the recent movies that surfaced skies, everything’s got attention. We cannot deny that this sensitisation about good and bad wouldn't have been possible without the media. And we should thank the media for that.

But I notice a strange or rather weird attitude among many of the existing dailies. Guess what —it’s called sarcasm. May be it sounds cool when it’s a report about a rising star, but not when it’s about loss. For example “Daddy turns baddie” title for sexual abuse by drunken father is a bad idea and is sickening to read.

Imagine the condition of those who have suffered if they had to read it for themselves. News isn’t just news when it depicts happenings about people or sensitive issues. I wish editors of every journal understood this and where more careful while presenting such news.

Ashique, Engineering graduate

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