Pointers for a prospective college student…

With the countdown having begun, you watch the college/course of your dreams being picked up by other students, one after the other, while you don’t seem to quite know where the fault lies — either you are dreaming big or just the current cost of education, or call it qualification; let alone the quality of it!

Here are a few of the million things that go on in the mind of a student waiting for his/her counselling…

You know you should have a good answer when you’re asked the FAQ of the season — “Which college?” My best reply is a sheepish smile along with “I’m waiting for my counselling” Works every time!

You know you shouldn’t panic when almost all of your friends can name a college to say they’re going to study there, while you’re still here trying to channelise your interest into one single favourable stream.

You know how cool your mom is when she remembers your peers’ cut-offs clearly up to two decimal points while she’s still not sure of yours!

You know you’re in for a bit of a late, yet worthy, realisation when you understand that money can get you happiness.

You know you can’t tense-high-five that one friend who like you relies only on counselling but has greater advantages than you to make it.

You know it’s for them and not you to be embarrassed when your friends who have already “booked” their seats in college, exclaim “you are depending on counselling?!”

You know you shouldn’t let it get to you when all that the whiz kid ever talks about is the not-known-to-common-man exams and that he/she is clearing them.

So in the end what’s important is that it’s okay to be waiting for a good college/course amidst all success stories.

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