Choco chic

LG makes a comeback with new Chocolate BL40 and BL20 handsets. The LG BL40 is a super chic and provides an option to give movies your own reviews on the move whereas the LG BL20 is a refined version of the legendary Chocolate that is ready to captivate you with its brilliant manoeuvrability at the touch of your fingertips.

These gadgets by LG are available in various stores in India. Price: LG BL40 — Rs. 25 000; LG BL20 — Rs. 15 000

Gift a heart

This valentine's season, Fa has come out with a first of its kind promotion, wherein Fa Deo cans will come with a heart stuck on them showcasing Fa Deo as a unique gifting option for Valentine's Day, urging consumers to pass their Fa heart on to their loved ones.

Price: Rs. 140 for 150 ml (the heart comes with no extra cost)

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