Summer brings a new pastime — fighting for the television remote!

April and May are the most-anticipated months. Summer vacations and a whole lot of fun! New movies, IPL matches, exotic holidays and family get-togethers add to the fun. But what puts a dampener on everything is the heat. So the television sets come to our rescue and gives life to our favourite pastime —fighting for the remote. This year the elections are also part of the fight.

My mother need her daily fix of nail-biting drama, my father wants every bit of information on the political scene during the elections, my sister loves the dance shows in every channel and I, being a die-hard fan of the Chennai Super Kings, need a ball-by-ball coverage of the matches. When all this happens at the same time, there’s commotion at home. For me, it is not only the battle at Chepauk that excites me,but also the battle for the television remote.

The writer is in his Final Year at SSN College of Engineering

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