Mane matters - It's not just your body that need care during the hot season, but also your hair.

The sun's scorching the city with full force and no one or nothing can escape it. Just like you take the necessary precautions to protect your skin from the sunlight, you ought to do the same to your hair as well. Well, it's common knowledge that come summer and our hair just refuses to shine with all its glory; all that's left is brittle, frizzy and dry hair and not to forget the effect of humidity. Remember how Rachel's hair plays spoilsport due to humidity during her dinner date in “Friends”. Fret not. With a few precautions and care you can make sure your hair stays healthy and shining, come sun or rain. Experts from Naturals (K. Veena, Director of Natural Beauty Salons India Pvt Ltd) and Schwarzkopf (Najeeb Ur Rehman, National Technical Head for Schwarzkopf Professional, India) tell you how.

The damage

Technicaly speaking, “The Ultra Violet rays in the sunlight take off the natural moisture from the hair leaving it dry and frizzy. The heat along with sweat creates a natural sort of oxidation which process oxidises or lightens natural hair texture resulting in a lack of shine due to open or loose cuticle layer,” enlightens Najeeb.

Preventing damage

“In general, products that have Sun protection Filter (SPF) can be used as UV defence. Conditioners and moisturisers can be used after every hair wash because it conditions and moisturises the hair, thus reducing the damage caused by the heat. Night protection cream can be used for dry and unmanageable hair. Use leave-on cream as it prevents your hair from getting frizzy and brittle.

“SPF products help to get rid of the chlorine effect from the swimming pool in damaging the hair. At the most avoid going out in direct sun between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. If you have to go out, then cover the hair,” suggests Veena. Hats, bandanas, umbrellas are good options to help you keep your hair from going dry and getting discoloured.

As for salon treatments, Najeeb suggests a hair spa different for fragile, coloured and naturally dried hair. Spas are also available for dandruff and hair fall treatment. These rejuvenate the hair and help them fight sun damage. Also, opt for regular trimming and hair massages.

Stay trendy

In summer, less always works best, be it clothes or hair. So the mantra is to keep it short. Veena recommends keeping the hair away from the neck. “You can opt for short hair cut or short hair with layers, fringe or slanted fringe.” But for those who swear by long hair, you battle the heat by wearing high ponytails or high knots and butterfly clips can be used to twist and knot. “Use big broad bands to keep the hair away from the face.”

When it comes to cuts, Najeeb quotes the Spring Summer Collection-Pure from Schwarzkopf Professional:

Uniform and Cyber Sport: for Straight and Short hair-Ideal for Summers, hassle free, easy maintenance

Budoir: for wavy texture, mid length to longer length

New Rebel: for Straight to wavy long hair

Matter of shades

There are some colours too that are hot this season. If you are planning to change colours, try opting for beige, browns like chocolate brown and coffee brown, golds, deep purples, etc. Blondes are a big no-no! “High lights can be done using colours that are one or two shades lighter than the natural colour make sure that it is not too much in contrast” warns Veena.

Nutritional intake

It's not just the grooming, but healthy hair requires a healthy diet too. Loads of vitamins and greens in your diet should help.

“For sheen and healthy hair we recommend foods that are rich in protein, iron, vitamin C and Calcium. Green vegetables, lentils, beans, almonds, walnuts, peanuts and fish” lists Veena. “Food supplements with biotin and milk,” adds Najeeb to the list.

Grooming routine

The split ends need to be trimmed regularly.

A mild shampoo wash is a must at least once in two days.

Choose shampoo, conditioners and moisturisers that best suits your hair type. Use conditioners to retain moisture in the hair.

Sunscreen lotions with high SPF can be used mainly by swimmers as it will ward off the damaging impact of chlorine.

Use conditioners to do deep conditioning which results in added protein, increased moisture and strengthening of hair, it also adds shine and elasticity to hair.

Use leave on products after hair wash as it keeps the hair in good condition for the rest of the day.


Here are the colouring styles you should go in for, for different hair styles:

For straight hairs till shoulder length, the colour highlights can be made on the fringe and all over the head in partial sections.

People with curly hair can try uneven colouring for people with curly hair.

For layered hair cuts, full hair high lights in trendy colours that will bend well with natural hair is best recommended.

The people with short hair or bob can go for total colouring.


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