Spinnies offers delicious food at pocket-friendly prices.

So what was Kilpauk missing? Coffee Day? Nope, we got that. Fruit Shop? Wrong again. A family restaurant? Introducing Spinnies —a multi-cuisine family restaurant.

Located near the well known shop Mummy Daddy, this restaurant is in an easily accessible area and is air-conditioned. It also has the added advantage of an eye-catching exteriors.

Truly multi-cuisine

The menu boasts of a range of Chinese dishes that includes the usual fried rice and noodles varieties. The Tandoori items catch your eye and the very select Arabic creation like the chicken shawarma is worth a try. The dishes are priced quite reasonably (ranging from as low as Rs. 10 to as high as Rs. 120), and the quantity justifies any lingering doubts.

For the Keralites, who wish to savour a bit of home, the biriyani items tease your taste buds and a large variety of Indian breads and gravies are available for those of you who prefer not to experiment with something new. North Indian, South Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies and an assortment of desserts in the form of fruit juices, ice creams and milkshakes is available. I for one can vouch for the fruit juices which are ‘out-of-the-world'.


The restaurant is done up in shades of red and green (tiles, tables, trays, balloons, the cashier's hat even!) and has a very Christmas-sy look! The entire place is spotlessly clean and very spacious. A few tables overlook busy Kilpauk, just in case your date for dinner turns out to be quite boring.

The music being played is quite unpredictable, though entertaining. On my visit, it took a leap from J- Lo to Phil Collins to Three Doors Down and to a peppy ‘La Bamba' just when I thought I had the sequence figured out. The service is good and the staff is very friendly, attentive, easy going and chatty, if that's a word! Take-outs and home delivery are two options that may come in handy at times. Spinnies also undertakes party orders.

The menu makes an interesting read due to the numerous spelling errors, but the service is splendid and well, what's to holler about when there is delicious food on your table, and money still left in your wallet! Spinnies — do drop in and give yourself a treat!

Spinnies Family Restaurant

237/A, Kilpauk Road, Kilpauk, Chennai-600010

For free home delivery: 26401111 (Kilpauk), 42666054 (Taramani)

E-mail: admin@spinniesrestaurant.com

Rachel is a IIIrd year B.Sc. Psychology student at WCC

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