Simple and effective campaigns score over noisy road shows.

While returning home after a long hectic day, I was surprised to see numerous cars and autorickshaws lined up on my street. These vehicles were preventing me from going to my house. I managed to get through with great difficulty. Each of these vehicles was loaded with people holding party flags and symbols wooing every passer-by to vote in favour of their nominee. And, of course, there was the overenthusiastic guy shouting at the top of his voice to muster support for the candidate. That’s not all! Adding to the already existing decibel levels were the loudspeakers screeching out party songs the whole day. Every party in the constituency followed the same pattern. All this may appear normal when the elections are around the corner. Politicians do nothing for the welfare of people. Why can’t they, at least, spare us additional distress and conduct effective campaigns to connect with the people rather than spend huge amounts of money on such shows in the name of campaigning?

Bhargavi is a III year student of EEE at MSEC

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