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Designer and fashion marketer Ankita Joshi.

Designer and fashion marketer Ankita Joshi.  


Fashion marketer and bridal consultant Ankita Joshi derives inspiration from her family, travels and her love of weddings.

For 25-year-old Ankita Joshi, taking the plunge into fashion was inevitable — her mum Aruna Joshi is an entrepreneur and aunt Sheetal Sharma is a fashion choreographer and designer. Together they manage the ‘Sheetal Sharma’ label.

Ankita started by learning the tricks of the trade through managing the marketing and PR for brands like 23 Carat and multi-brand fashion store, Maison.

Soon she moved to contributing design inputs and marketing for the home label, which specialises in cottons and has introduced a line of chic comfortable georgettes for summer.

How easy or difficult is it for small labels to survive in this industry? “I think today the market is more competitive but I believe if you tap in to the right mediums of selling your product there is a customer for everyone!”

The Bangalore-based former luxury brand marketer is in town this week for the Vimonisha Indian Summer Lifestyle Show. “India has a lot of potential in the luxury goods market,” she says. “People are now willing to experiment; men and women are willing to invest in looking good. In the South in particular — in cities like Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad — the demand for such goods is on the rise. Women are well travelled; they understand and appreciate these goods much more now.”

Ankita is inspired by her travels; every visit has something to offer, she says. In fact, her last visit to Rajasthan inspired her to create two-tone silhouettes whose colour palettes were inspired “by the gorgeous doors I saw along my journey.”

Bridal helpline

She has recently taken up her true calling — bridal consultation — for the simple reason that she loves weddings! Through her services, she offers both brides and grooms info on the go-to people for every aspect of their wedding “from pin to parties.” If you are looking for a certain type of jewellery or a make-up person on a certain budget or specialised invites, Ankita will direct you to the right people and see to it that your job is done.

“I differ from a wedding planner in that I don’t actually organise the wedding or aspects of it,” she explains. What she does organise though is bridal showers and bachelorette parties. “I am an unmarried girl who looks forward to her bachelorette party and bridal shower. And I realised that it is a market that hasn’t been tapped.” Right from party favours to cakes, she’ll get the entire event or aspects of it executed.

Does she agree that being young in the fashion industry is an advantage? “Definitely. This is one industry where creativity, regardless of age, is valued and emerging new talent is applauded.”

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